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DK2000i Quiet Inverter Generator

● DINKING silent variable frequency generator has been improved many times, and it has lightweight, minimized size, low volume, super quiet, different appearances for customization.
● We always try to bring lighter when outdoor, from this point, we upgraded the core part of paralleling, Now you don't have to spend more money to buy a parallel kit, just one simple cable for connecting with the second DINKING inverter generator to double the power, Save space and save money.
● DINKING inverter generators have passed 500-hour durability test many times. Even at a low temperature of -15° or a high temperature of 45°, the product can still operate normally, and the product quality is quite reliable. The product displacement is ≤0.5mm when fully loaded. It's very stable.

Product description



Model DK2000i
Frequency Hz 50/60
Voltage V 230/120/100
Current A 6.9/13.3/16
Rated Output kW 1.6
Maximum Output kW 2.0
Phase number Single phase
DC Voltage V 12
DC Current A 8.3
Engine DK148F/P-3
Displacement cc 79.7
Continuous time (50% load) 8
Fuel tank capacity L 4.3
Package dimension mm 510*295*440
Net weight KG 15
Loading/20GP/40GP/40HQ 425/890/1068
Certification EPA/CARB/CE/EU5





We should be prepared for any contingency


Prepare for poor power supply of the house


Bring convenience to travel, and safe


Friends and family travel more relaxed and happy, no need to worry about electricity