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Chongqing mayor huang qifan visited dinggong to investigate

  On November 15, 2011, huang qifan, mayor of chongqing municipality. led a delegation of municipal leaders to hechuan for an investigation and visited chongqing dinggong electromechanical co., LTD. Zheng dongnan, general manager of chongqing dinggong electromechanical co., LTD., received the mayor's party.  
  Mayor, huang qifan, a line to see the ding work product exhibition hall and the workshop production line, and carefully listen to the ding industry company general manager Zheng Dongnan vision about the company, production and sales, the ding workers of the company's strategic development layout gave full affirmation, and carefully about the company faced the practical difficulties in the process of development.
  Finally the mayor, huang qifan, encourage the all workers: under the current international economic environment, as mainly export enterprise, ding to adhere to independent innovation, grasped the nettle and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise itself, to create national brand for the company's ultimate goal.