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Congratulations to chongqing dinggong electromechanical co., LTD for the complete production of 50,000 products

Sincethecommissioningofthefirstgeneratingunitofthe1stassemblylineonAugust5,2011,alldingworkershaveovercomevariousdifficultiessuchaspersonnelshortage,equipmentdebuggingandsupportingcoordination.   Sinc
  Since the commissioning of the first generating unit of the 1st assembly line on August 5, 2011, all ding workers have overcome various difficulties such as personnel shortage, equipment debugging and supporting coordination.      
  Since the trial production of assembly line 1, assembly lines 2, 3 and 4 have been put into use successively, and the company's output has been steadily increased.  
  By December 2, 2011, the company's 50000 products passed the inspection, and on December 6, 2011, they were loaded into vehicles and declared for export, 50000 products complete, successfully completed a phased target, also marks the company the end of the early stage of the trial production run phase, at the same time also proved that the chongqing ding mechanical and electrical co., LTD., into the development of stable production stage.