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Chairman of the NPC Chen stub inspected ding gong

OnJuly5,2012,Chenstub,directorofchongqingmunicipalpeople'scongress,inspecteddinggongelectromechanicalco.,LTD.,accompaniedbytheleadersofhechuandistrict,duringhisvisittohechuanforinvestigation.   Chenon
  On July 5, 2012, Chen stub, director of chongqing municipal people's congress, inspected dinggong electromechanical co., LTD., accompanied by the leaders of hechuan district, during his visit to hechuan for investigation.     
  Chen on tripod engineering company general manager, director of the stub Zheng Dongnan visited the tripod engineering company of machine production line, after that this line is in the leading level in chongqing, said the full affirmation.      
  Visit process, Chen asked ding, director of the stub company production and sales for the year, the recession of the tripod engineering company in the international financial situation to be able to buck the trend, and maintain the steady growth of production and sales, gave high praise and encourage ding company will make persistent efforts, for the development of chongqing economy, promoting employment to make greater contribution.