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Corporate culture

  Corporate spirit
  Take a broad view of the world, reform old and new, determined to become a world circulation machinery enterprises
  Our tenet:--Nine ding worker
  1、Science and technology tripod industry: pay attention to and promote the three new technologies (new technology, new materials, new technology), armed enterprises with new and high technologies!
  2、Quality dinggong: the quality of work determines the quality of products, and the quality management system is the enterprise management platform of dinggong.
  3、Efficiency tinker: introduce the SMART rule (see P.S in the later page) to continuously improve the production workflow!
  4、Competitive dinggong: through the management of talents and brands, take the road of innovation and improve the core competitiveness!
  5、Service: through training the whole staff service consciousness, the service as an important intangible product to operate, enhance the enterprise reputation.
  6、Harmony tripod: people-oriented, pursuing customers, suppliers, employees and the company's development of harmony and win-win!
  7、Learning dinggong: strengthen the training and education of employees, improve the learning consciousness and enthusiasm of all employees, and build a learning enterprise.
  8、Quality dinggong: transform to improve work quality, transform "wild" into rationality, and transform "free" into standard.
  9、Expand dinggong: keep pace with The Times, develop and make progress, be brave to innovate, realize the sustainable development and big leap of dinggong electromechanical.
  Business policy:-----"Three one" policy
  Make first-class products
  Be a first-class brand
  Create first-class service
  Image positioning:
  Create an innovative enterprise with international competitiveness